Saturday, April 17, 2010

Needing some feedback

this is a mock-up for a "soldier card" that will be used in Tactics of War. (online tactical squad based shooter)
Trying to go for a trading card look, but also bring it into the game. These cards show info for each soldier, and what their class/kit is. I went with comic sans because it went with the feeling of things, but if you have suggestions let me know. I will post the logo when im done turning it into a vector.


  1. Looks pretty good man. Your drawing is getting a lot better. I like the graphic approach (don't know why?) The only suggestion would to be lighten up parts of the gun. I loose all the great line work in it. Also loose the big exterior black border, I'd like to see what it would look like without.

  2. the character is sweet. The stats below are boring. Maybe something besides a white background behind the stats

  3. the black border around the card itself? I agree with you the gun gets kind of lost. Thanks Cliff. I will play with some more stuff inside the stats. The client talked about making the 'kit' symbol change when the user changes it. (since this will be in a flash video game)Thanks for the feedback.

  4. I think the character is strong- the eyes are kind-of feminine?
    Also- with the stats- i think Dustin is on to something- perhaps the soldier shouldn't be perfect? Maybe he isn't the best at reloading, or he has not quite 20/20?
    Just a thought.
    Good work, Preston!

  5. haha yea it will change in game, the bars are only there to illustrate that there will be stats there. I will have to post a link once we are in the beta phase of production.