Friday, April 15, 2011

First Post and an request for advice

Hey everyone, here is a recent work of art that has kinda stuck with me lately, I've been doing Illustration Friday so that I can build my portfolio and have art to do. I liked this composition but I know that overall I need to refine it a little more, what does everyone think. You can tell me it stinks and I need another direction, or anything that comes to mind. Thanks, hope to hear from all you amazing artists :)


  1. i think this piece has a really cool feel. Kind of creepy but really cool! I want to see another piece in this style

  2. Looks good Cyndil, really picky crit: I feel like the beard on his chin may be a little too far in, or perhaps its kind of concave, so i feel like putting a bit more volume on his chin area will help. Other than that I really like it, the colors are cool and the stylization is cool too :) great job cyndil.

  3. Cyndil, thanks for the crit. I would suggest getting more descriptive with texture. I'd like for you to go back in with ink (maybe digitally to experiment), and show some texture on the clothe/rocks/grass/etc. It would allow for the eye to move through the image more. I know you can do it!