Tuesday, August 31, 2010

So I am working on a possible new project and wanted to know what you all thought. With my "love" for zombies, I thought I would do a zombie ABC book. I have come up with two possible ways to go. One is a more cartoony innocent zombie ( kinda like plants vs zombies). The other style I was considering was a more graphic novel look and just have the letters stand for something and have a ridiculous story accompany it. A third option which I am currently exploring would be something close to what Adam Rex does ( Frankenstein takes the cake, etc- fun books if you have not read them). That type of style would be something in between what I currently have and it would include short poems to go along with the letter. Please let me know what you all think- btw, these sketches were done extremely fast and do not exactly represent what the finished product would look like (in other words it would not look as sketchy as they do- it would be cleaned up significantly).


  1. Haha I love the concept, and the apple zombie. :) I'm not sure the font entirely fits the style/mood but I like where its headed :)

  2. the font was just a default font I had on there. I used it to show where the text would be. I think I will stick to the cartoony style. I like it a little more and I think it will be more marketable