Wednesday, September 1, 2010

here is another possible image for the abcs- let me know what you all think


  1. i dont know why my posts aren't saving, i see them there one day then the next they are gone. @.@ in case you didnt see it before it disappeared, i like the brains. he looks like a very well mannered zombie :) i kind of want to see a little mroe maniacal look in either his eyes or mouth but still maintaining that very dignified look. Just an idea, if it doesnt work pitch it. I like this font more than the other one, it seems to match the mood more. is it courier new?

  2. I agree with the maniacal look to him. He just kinda looks like a green dude with bad skin. I will try to mess around with his eyes and see what I can do to make it look more disturbing. As far as the font goes, I have no idea. I will have to check it again to make sure. I look forward to seeing your posts. I saw the grenade you were working on and it looks really good. Hope the game folks are treating you right, you are doing a good job for them!