Friday, September 24, 2010


Here is a character treatment for my OC Adom. I will be developing more about him and his story in the coming months. I was wondering what everyone thought? Any ideas to make him better? He is created by the collision of two stars. the sheer force/energy produced created Adom. As far as he knows hes the only one of his kind in the multi verse. He is supposed to be very dense/strong. Due to his immense density being created in the singularity of a black hole, he himself has a gravitational force/magnetic force. Anyway, hopefully some of that background info can help guide thinking or spark new ideas.


  1. he looks pretty cool- more developed than what I saw before. should be interesting to see where you take this. Just something I remember from when I first saw this, the color you had did not really seem to work for me. If I remember right he had a neon green look to him with a black or dark purple. If I were you I would either tone down the green or just use a different color. The only reason I can see using that green is if he is constantly glowing with radiation or some sort of toxic power. Maybe if he is going super saiyan i could see him glow like that as well. Anyhow, he is a cool character and I am excited to see how his universe develops.


  3. so fun! great shapes and mass! good work, Preston!