Saturday, January 15, 2011

Black Gold

Just submitted a design on Threadless. Won't be up for voting until it's approved. When it is follow this url @


  1. I like it, I am just having a little bit of a hard time telling what it is. To be specific, what is the guy holding- it looks like a microphone to me. I like the style it is just that bit of the picture I am having trouble understanding- it could also be that I havent slept in a really long time and just cant think straight enough. who knows. let us know when it is up and we will make sure to vote for you.

  2. Thanks sam. It's up for voting now! The idea that he is a chemist making oil and he is pouring it in like a paint type canister into the barrel. Your right it does kind of look like a microphone now that you mentioned it. Oh well, it's already up for voting. Go vote for it anyways!

  3. It looks pretty sweet :) I will be sure to vote.