Saturday, May 8, 2010

Adom - Harbinger of the Stars

I am posting this to get compositional ideas. I will be revamping 'Adom' the character you see in front, giving him a more rendered look. I am hoping to send this, the character stats/story, and my application to Riot. Seeing as I created this character specifically because I wanted to pitch the idea to them and get my foot in the door. Kind of working on speculation. Adom is a starchild, literally because he was formed in the destruction of two stars that collided. He is supposed to look sinister/radioactive. Does that come across? I have played with both desaturated red and saturated, but Adom seemed to pop the most when it was a bit more saturated. Any ideas? I feel like the background becomes a little too focal at this point. Anyway I appreciate the feedback.


  1. cool guy. Just a question- at the bottom of the character, are those his legs? If so, it might need a little work because it looks like the right abdominal is going into the right leg. As far as getting him to feel radioactive, I think you nailed it with your color selection. As far as sinister, I still feel he could be ambiguos (is that even a word?). A couple of suggestions I can think of is 1)with his mouth open like that, maybe suggest some teeth (think the mountain titan from hercules), 2) I think you could push the amount of stalagmites that are protruding from him (think the bad dude from starhawks) and 3) I think I would like to see one of his hands open, revealing really sharp claws or maybe even giant sausage fingers, something that could easily shoke one of the planets in the background. That is all I can think of right now. Once again, awesome looking dude! you should do this guy sometime for class.

  2. haha yea, i spliced his leg that was crossing over before and made it go down, i haven't done much else to it yet, I'm going more for composition at the moment. I will take your suggestions tho and run with them. They are some really great suggestions and I am excited to implement them.