Monday, May 10, 2010

I decided I wanted to show this as if the soldier had just taken out a couple of bad guys. I tried to show it in the target hits behind him as well as the fbi portraits of the terrorists. still trying to work out the kinks, but I felt like I wanted to go with something a bit conceptual this time. I appreciate all the input I have received and continue to receive. crits always welcome


  1. I think some texture in the background could use some texture- just as some noise to put the background... back. :)
    I think the FBI portraits compete a little in value. Some stronger highlights in the soldier would help...
    Otherwise, it looks great, Preston. This is a fun direction for you.

  2. oh dear. I thought this was Preston's post...
    Sorry Sam!!

  3. not a problem- thanks for the critique- good to see you and cliff back from ny.

  4. HAHA XD see i told you sam. we could be long lost brothers.