Thursday, July 1, 2010

Kiss Kiss

Critiques please!


  1. i like this piece. I like the red on the focal point. Maybe you can tone down the background behind the couple so its not distracting or so busy. I think the design and colors and figures look great. Kissing before leaving for work right?

  2. Yay I can tell a story with a picture! That was a concern a rep had with me that I am working on.

  3. Yep, there is definitely a story! I think the sky gives it more of a sense of foreboding than "love you- have a good day...". You might try balancing it a little more as far as texture- you have a lot in the little things- the telephone pole- even that building in the back with the green tiled roof- it may be something as simple as switching the grey in the sky with the green asphalt. Also- they're awkwardly almost in the middle, but not quite. I'm not sure if you want that tension or not- just an observation.
    ...And there might be more of a story if there was a car parked next to the bike for him. And it would fill that empty space and make a stronger composition.

    nice, job, though Cliff... Hope I didn't hurt your pride... you're tough, you can take it, right?