Sunday, October 17, 2010

Another Idea, A New stylization

Another Update. Sorry for the low res. I am still experimenting with graphic vs representational style. You can see the differences in the other pics I left up.  Also, i am still working on the apron, gloves and boots for mr. lance on the left. 
EDIT: Hows this? I had some crits after thinking that the gesture was simply too awkward. I added a gun holster to her leg, and a sidearm holster similar to detectives. I added a satchel for good measure. :) 
I am needing feedback for her pose. ignore her right hand, I was just having fun. :) Anyway I am playing with a new way of doing things, (aka my digital process) She is wearing a kind of jumpsuit they use in the air force. I am needing to check my sources but I am going to ensure that they used a similar style of uniform around 1940s. either way this is a second concept of Evelynn that I feel like I am connecting with more. I want to add belts, and such but I will show you once I get them in. What do you guys think of her? Right now I only have local colors, but once I nail the pose I want to proceed adding the shading. I have included one of the color comps of Adom, and the wip of her father lance. He is a gunsmith, and she has been his apprentice/daughter for all her life. I put Adom in there for scale mostly, but in the end I will better hook them up as a whole.There are two more characters to come, so stay tuned.  The sooner I have crits the better. Thanks everyone!


  1. I think I like this style a little more than the other. It seems like you could have more fun with this style and I love the look of the ww2 era jumpsuits. I think Adom looks a lot better- the green dosent look toxic this time and the texture really looks cool. As far as crits, I would like to see the father read more as a weapon smith. I would have him have a belt with a bunch of guns and gun holsters. If eve is the apprentice and is a weapon smith as well, I would put at least four holsters on her jacket and two on her belt. Of course that is just me with the limited info I have on these characters. I like the new style and hope to see more in the future.

  2. gracias, I will post the update on the father once more is completed.