Monday, October 11, 2010

Evelynn Concept WIP

Here is the quick sketch I have for the character "Evelynn" in the Starchild story, she is one of the inhabitants of the world Adom enters. I am going for a modified Victorian aesthetic/1940's steam punk. Note, that it is not on Earth, this is a civilization on a separate planet. I need me some feedback. ;)


  1. Cool pic. This character is really cool looking. If you want to see what has been done with this type of stuff in the past there is an artist by the name of Chris Bachalo who did a steampunk comic. It was really hard to follow the storyline, but the art was awesome. Maybe take a look at him and see if anything resonates.

  2. great sketchy/ rough feel - Maybe this is what you're going for, but she doesn't seem quite elegant. She's a little clunky and squat in some places. If you want, I would lengthen out her toes, slim down her heel by the ankle, and her arms seem a little short - the elbow should reach the top of her hip, but I think it only goes to her waist. Just little things... :) Lots of fun details, Preston. You've come along!!

  3. :) thanks emily! I will try to de-clunkify her :) I want her to feel feminine, but strong due to the type of society she is in. Thank you for taking the time to comment/crit! :)