Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Starchild Lineup

FINAL REVISION for now... at least until I get some sleep. @..@

Revision: Dog has been added. AND I SPILT ACETONE ON MY WACOM!!!! ARGGHHH!! Everything seems to be working fine, but the touch sensitive scroll area is acting wacky. I hope it dries out without problems @.@ Looking at it now I think I will shrink the dog even more. 

This is to figure out the layout of the characters. I think I will print two in case Brother Abbegglen is not appeased with overlapping characters with them more spread out. There is a dog that is not pictured, but that is because I am painting until my eyes bleed tonight. If any of you happen to be on, anyone.. Crits are welcome especially before I print them and use a ton of ink on my printer ;)

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